About Us

Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner...your choice is a winner! You may also fancy brunch...either way you're in for a tasty surprise.

Meet our Chef

Chef Paul Lewis, a Detroit native, is the creative mind and owner behind our Southern Fusion Dining. Growing up, and being the baby of nine siblings, Chef Paul had his eyes on his mother as she cooked and prepared delicious meals for the entire family. This is where his love of food began, but, being a culinary mastermind was not his original career path! Chef first spent twenty years in the United States Army, going from a recruit to the level of Sergeant, as a Leadership Training Instructor.

After retiring from the army Chef Paul began his culinary journey by enrolling in the Art Institute of Atlanta. Once he completed their program, he got his first job in the culinary field at the Sheraton hotel as a line cook! Since then, Chef Paul has spent the last 15 years climbing the culinary ranks, from line cook, to Executive Chef, to Corporation Chef he has done it all. After moving on from the Sheraton, Chef Paul took his talents to Coca-Cola, from there, he became the Sous Chef at Morehouse School of Medicine. Shortly after, he was recommended for the position of Executive Chef at Alabama State University; and before ending his tenure there, he was promoted to the office of Assistant Food & Service as the director! Upon moving his way up at the University, Chef Paul went into business for himself and was a partner at the highly acclaimed Pecan Restaurant in College Park, GA. Here is where he built a rapport with the city of Atlanta, constructing the Pecan up to a five star renowned restaurant. He brought his signature southern fusion food and elegant touches to a fine dining experience, earning many awards and accolades, and was featured on the Food Network, Atlanta Eats and appeared in many culinary magazines. The Pecan was a success, but Chef Paul ultimately had a goal, to start a legacy all his own. This led him to his final destination, inspired by his faith and love of fine delectable food, Southern Fusion Cafe was created.